There are Two video training modules you can be enrolled in. There are 4 videos in the F&I training section and 5 videos in the Lease Training section. The third option is on-site consulting at your facility, The In-Dealership Training section.

Advanced F&I Training:

For the Financial Services Manager in today's market!

This module includes four sections (videos) that examine the following topics:

Create Advocates

How to use 1 on 1 meetings with sales consultants to convert them to advocates for the F&I products and services you offer. How to use sales meetings to tell success stories and engage the consultants.

Eliminate the Wait

I waited an hour to see the business manager’ and ‘It took too long to do the paperwork’ are common survey responses. This process will eliminate that perception for the client and honor his/her time.

Menu Structure

Whether you use a 4-column or Ala-Carte format, discover how to refine your presentation to guide clients to choose more of your product offerings. Interactive mobile technology is also discussed.

F&I and Internet Sales

According to surveys, consumers purchase more online than in stores. 80% of automobile purchasers agreed that some or most of the transaction could have been executed online. This section provides strategies to place the F&I process in the client’s comfort zone – online!

"Improve and refine your processes and techniques. These can be applied simply and are proven to be effective. Position yourself for success as the industry continues to move online."


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Online Lease Training:

Effective Auto Lease Training that sales consultants, managers, and any F&I professional should know.

What’s in it for me?’ Is a question most automotive professionals have a difficult time answering. Learn the answers and benefits of leasing for:

The Sales Consultant

– More repeat business.
– Easier negotiations.

The Dealership

– Better client and employee retention.
– Preowned pipeline of quality vehicles.

The Manufacturer

– Improved production efficiency.
– Higher resale values.

The Client

– Matches contract term to trade cycle.
– Reduces resale risk.

"Learn the concepts behind the math of auto leasing and how to effectively communicate those concepts to your clients. Derived from 30+ years of dealership experience, these processes and techniques will help you grow your lease portfolio."


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In-Dealership Training:

This is training for your dealership at your dealership.

ARCampbell Consulting in-dealership training is customized to your specific needs. Some of the areas we can focus on include:

Presentation Techniques

Advanced menu structure and presentation techniques. 1 on 1 training with each of the financial services team members designed to improve overall product penetration.

Negotiating Finance Terms

Negotiating the financing terms with lenders and clients. These techniques will help you navigate qualified approvals and convert them to approvals.

Lease Training

For sales consultants, sales managers, and the financial services team focusing on the benefits of leasing. Your team will have the tools to communicate those benefits to clients.

Lease portfolio management

We use proven processes to help you implement and manage your lease portfolio. For sales consultants, sales managers, preowned managers, and portfolio specialists.

"Your dealership is unique. Your training can be, too."

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Your dealership’s needs are unique. Your training can be, too.

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